The Church is changing ...

One of the most obvious changes in local churches over the past months has been the proliferation of churches and small groups meeting online. Whether via zoom or some other online service, congregations have taken to online in a big way.

Since churches began meeting online as a result of COVID-19, Market Square Publishing has been meeting with church leaders to discuss what we could do to help local churches during, and after, the COVID-19 crisis. Even with congregations slowly beginning to meet in person, there’s no doubt groups will continue to meet using zoom or some other connection method.

Recently, Market Square Books began offering resources for small groups meeting online. These resources contain everything needed to hold meaningful online small group sessions. And, when groups are ready to meet in person again, these studies will work just as well as part of “in person” group setting. We’ve named this program “Next Generation Small Groups.”

IMPACT! Reclaiming the Call of Lay Ministry

by Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford

The ancient church spread rapidly throughout the Mediterranean world and, centuries later, the Methodist Church spread like wildfire on the American frontier, thanks largely to lay Christians who shared the Christian faith in their homes and communities. Over time, our primary church leadership models have emphasized the leadership of the clergy and have devalued the ministry of the laity. IMPACT! offers practical and proven plans to help clergy and laity partner together again to spread the Gospel in a new day and age!

Disciple Like Jesus:

Making Disciples Like Jesus Who Make Disciples Like Jesus

by Phil Maynard and Eddie Pipkin

We know we exist to make disciples that reflect the life of Jesus our role model.  We also know that disciples are called to make disciples of Jesus.  That is our mission. Congregations all over the country are looking for a way to make this mission a reality.  They also know that what is currently happening to do this is falling short of the goal. Disciple Like Jesus, a new resource by Dr. Phil Maynard, is designed to address this very issue.  Phil presents a deeper understanding of discipleship than ‘butts in the pews’ and ‘dollars in the plate.’  He gives a framework for understanding and living into the life modeled by Jesus and some specific behaviors that help us get there.  Phil also shows how very ordinary disciples can do extraordinary work in helping others grow as disciples through the very skills that Jesus demonstrated. Disciple Like Jesus is an invitation to a new vision for discipleship and description of how to bring that vision to reality.

Live Training

‘Lead the Leader’

Beginning in early June, we will host live, online, “Lead the Leader” sessions, led by Kay Kotan and Phil Maynard. During these sessions, they will offer suggestions on how to use these studies in your small groups.

Discount rates are available for districts and annual conferences that want to provide a study for all of their churches.

Small Group resources for Local Churches

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Resources for Small Groups Meeting Online

Learn how your small group can begin using next generation resources right now.